Public Health

Global experts have identified a new killer: Poor Quality Health care. Around five million people die every year — almost a third of them in India - due to inadequate healthcare. It is becoming clear that access to health care is not enough, and that good quality of care is needed to improve outcomes. “Quality care should not be a privilege for a lucky few, in a few facilities, in a few countries. Health systems must effectively protect, treat and respect all people, especially the vulnerable,” noted The Lancet study.

You don’t need an epidemic, however predictable, for the public health system to collapse. It is a matter of routine that patients share beds and doctors are overworked. The financial burden of both inpatient and outpatient care in Haryana is consistently greater for rural households, compared to urban households; with rapid increase in inpatient expenditures per admission.

Public Health

We Promise....

  • RO water in every village of Haryana.
  • Mobile Dispensary Service for last mile connectivity.
  • The party promises access to health services for all citizens, based on social insurance.
  • Every district headquarters hospital will be upgraded to provide quality health facilities to all.
  • The National Rural Health Mission will be implemented with an even greater sense of urgency.
  • Functional toilets will be ensured for every school and household.
  • Introducing academic courses and diploma in public health.
  • Target is to create new jobs in the health sector.
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