Small Business

In today's economy, there is expansion and consolidation of markets and malls are gobbling up small shopkeepers. If the issue is not addressed in time, they will all perish. Small entrepreneurs are important to India's jobs, structural transformation, gender equality, and inclusive growth.

In spite of the tremendous potential it promises for the socio-economic development of India, the nation's small and medium businesses are plagued by various challenges, such as:

  • Poor infrastructure to increase production capacity
  • A lack of adequate funds
  • Little innovation
  • Technology knowledge gaps
  • Lack of training and skills
  • Inability to attract tech-savvy talent
Small Business

We Promise....

  • Abolishing eway bill.
  • Establishing business community for small businesses.
  • Registration of small and non formal business.
  • Banking and credit support.
  • Providing of R&D support to such models.
  • Product design and imparting training to artisans.
  • Export promotion.
  • Overseas Placements.
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